When Collins Hume began in 1980 our mission was simple: Deliver the best value tax service in Ballina. But the world has changed and so have we ….

Today, we've added to our mission, our over-riding purpose is to inspire business owners to achieve business and lifestyle success in powerful and meaningful ways.

We believe there has never been a more exciting time to be in business. And it's very clear that successful, profitable businesses are the lifeblood of the communities in which we live.

By partnering with and inspiring business owners to achieve extraordinary results, collectively we build stronger communities, change lives and create a better world.





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  • Collins Hume are awesome at what they do. Peter Fowler has exceptional business knowledge and has helped me considerably with business planning. His guidance at the Collins Hume Workshop gave me the opportunity to work on business improvement strategies and provided simple action plans to expand, build, create and develop within my business. Fantastic workshop and extremely worthwhile.

    Michelle Harris

  • We needed a step up from the accountants we were using – someone who could bring a wealth of experience to the table and who could help us grow. Those accountants are Collins Hume. We are so happy to have them as part of our team.

    Heather Spierings

  • Peter Fowler helps us with everything and has been great help as a mentor. I can always jump on the phone to get his ideas or a different perspective. His knowledge has been invaluable over the years. I work behind the scenes plus travel but I can have the lifestyle I want. That could mean design, planning or coming up with new ideas for my Australian business being run from overseas, thanks to Collins Hume.

    Danni Carr


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