Growing with our clients and community

Collins Hume was established in Ballina in 1980. Today, with more than 20 staff and offices in Ballina and Byron Bay, we service more than 4,000 clients around Australia and abroad.

We provide a broad range of services in business, financial, taxation and accounting consultancy. We have the resources and expertise to meet your specific needs.

We work with small and medium enterprises, individuals and families. People and businesses like you and yours. Farmers, builders, property developers, lawyers, doctors, pharmacists, real estate agents, retailers, tourism operators, clubs, manufacturers, wholesalers and more.

We work hard to help our clients achieve their personal, financial and business goals. We lay foundations. We tick boxes. We optimise teams. We streamline procedures. We set targets. We raise bars.

We build successful, longstanding partnerships.

Our Team's Core Values

     LIFESTYLE, FUN & ENJOYMENT – We work to live, not live to work. Make it enjoyable and meaningful every way 
     INSPIRING – Today and everyday we will inspire others to achieve their best
     CARING – We care for our team, clients and everyone we connect with
     GIVING – Always give more than we receive

@CollinsHume... We Believe in Business ... We Believe in a Better World

Collins Hume
is a CPA Business
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