Collins Hume client case study June 2013
Cameron Walsh had been Head Technician at Ballina Tenpin Bowl for 16 years and when it came up for sale, he and wife Emma jumped at the chance to buy it.

They'd never run their own business nor had the need for business accounting advice up until then, so thought they would be well served by their incumbent accountants when it came to business matters.

When they became the owners of Ballina Tenpin Bowl five years ago, they began to see the shortfalls in their accounting provider.

"Becoming business owners was a culture shock to say the least," says Emma. "As employees we could switch off outside of 9 to 5, but with the new opportunity came added responsibility."

"Buying the business and doing our research was straightforward enough, but we were experiencing lags in trying to communicate with our accountants".

"I don't know how we did it without lots of help from mum and dad."

Out of frustration, Emma and Cameron looked to Collins Hume's Chris Atkinson and Jamie Doyle whom they knew through local connections and decided to obtain a second opinion.

"As soon as we switched accountants we saw how our previous firm wasn't keeping up their end of the bargain," says Emma. "Coming into our second financial year with Collins Hume, we are confident that our year-end tax planning is well in hand."

"It makes sense that we don't work together in our business yet I am set up to support Cam with the bookkeeping and admin so he can concentrate on running it on a daily basis."

"We have more peace of mind dealing with Collins Hume; I can just get on and email any questions and they'll shoot back their reply. The girls are also quick and prompt if we can't speak directly with Chris or Jamie."

"There are no issues or dramas â€" they have made our bookkeeping and admin so much easier which allows me to focus on our young family and my job. I have nothing but the highest praise when it comes to Chris and Jamie, they truly are the best!"

"Transitioning to Collins Hume was easy; they are nothing like our old firm," says Emma. "We use BankLink for bookkeeping and Jamie has set us up as a beta site on BankLink wages so we can streamline how we process the payroll which, to me, is awesome!"

"As we're always looking to implement new things for the business to attract more or new clientele, we continually need to be asking how we'll make a return," says Emma.

"With live data about our business position and the extra efficiencies we've gained by streamlining our bookkeeping and admin, who knows what future opportunities will present themselves."

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