DON'T MISS Best-selling author Grant Abbott on negative tax plus his Top 10 Strategies to maximise SMSF value at our free Super Smart Seminar in Ballina on Tuesday

Here's a little of what Grant had to say about Tuesday's seminar when he was interviewed on local radio about it last week:

"I'll be discussing quite a bit; I think the main one of course is for the youngsters - the Gen X's who don't feel that super's a long way away, I'll be talking about the ability to borrow. And let's face it there's some great buys around Ballina and it's not too expensive.  People have this money hidden away in a retail fund or an industry fund and it's just wasting away. They need to take responsibility and use the fund to go and buy a property.

Beyond that generation, for people who are still working their farms, I really think the best strategy I'll be talking about on the night will be transferring farms into self-managed super funds. I find in my travels around Australia that quite often mum and dad farmers might gift the property or transfer the property or farm over to the children and then the son dies or gets divorced and this often results in mum and dad get kicked off the property. So a little bit of common sense strategy around that.

And another will be preparing for the next 5, 10 or 15 years and covering all the generations which I think is crucial."

This is a must see for anyone with an SMSF or considering establishing an SMSF. Seats are filling fast so RSVP today to secure your complimentary seat by calling Collins Hume on 02 6686 3000 or RSVP by email to Or visit for more information about Collins Hume's Super Smart Seminar on 27 November.