Coming from a linguistic background, Antje Moore, an immigrant from beautiful Germany, started accounting life in the Australian community not for profit (NFP) sector and immediately was impassioned...
...about the people, the spirit and the contribution made to society by a willing, synergistic collective.

Antje subsequently completed formal accounting studies during which time she developed a keen interest in auditing which, she is the first to admit, was out of the ordinary. After being the sole volunteer for an internal audit role for a local company, Antje was on an upward trajectory to an auditing career.

In 2001 Antje entered public practice and found her niche at Collins Hume, "It was pretty much my experience and interest in NFP accounting that allowed me to specialise in the audit division. I worked under the firm's registered auditor John Hume who mentored me over many years which was wonderful."

During her tutelage Antje qualified with CPA Australia, further nurturing her audit forte, and worked her way up to become Collins Hume's Audit Manager.

These days, Antje is as passionate about auditing as she ever was; to her, auditing is not just assurance of the past, but an opportunity to review and look forward for improvement. When it comes to audit, there is no short-cutting on the broad cross section of Collins Hume clients with whom she enjoys working immensely:
  • NFP clubs, associations and clubs incorporated under the various state incorporations acts
  • State Government Entities
  • School P&C associations
  • Public companies / clubs registered under the Corporations Act
  • State licensees in NSW and QLD (Real Estate Agents, Conveyancers)
  • Strata agents
  • Religious organisations (churches and special religious education organisations) with very specific rules including FBT as set by the ATO
  • Travel agency licensees (Participants in the Travel Compensation Fund)
  • Financial services licensees
  • Law practitioners who require 'external examination'
Antje is also a Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) whiz being across exemptions and thresholds which go hand in hand with audit. On top of her client portfolio, Antje is responsible for the constant improvement of Collins Hume's audit programmes which incidentally received special commendation during the firm's CPA review in 2011. From year to year, the reporting and auditing standards for audit engagements change and Antje ensures that Collins Hume complies.

In 2012 Antje started working on her goal to certify as a Registered Company Auditor which she attained on 27 March 2013. Antje is delighted that she has realised her aspirations â€" she now has full sign-off for any audits submitted to ASIC and the Office of Fair Trading.

"Helping our clients to be organised, seeing the benefits and improving their situation reinforces why I love audit so much. I enjoy making recommendations to enhance the way our clients operate, whether it be improving internal controls, helping them to understand their own financial reports to make decisions, or just being more accurate," says Antje. "And at the end of an audit, making sure client records agree with the audited financial statements can go a long way, especially if the client understands why and can remedy it."

With the challenge of not being able to work to one financial year-end, Antje has the process down pat. She has developed comprehensive pre-audit interview and checklist protocols for all entities readying for an audit. Being prepared and organised for clients is important.

And Antje loves nothing more than to dig beneath the surface to make sure clients are compliant in a number of key areas, "Often I'm asked why I'm checking certain records, for example, a workers compensation declaration or a fundraising authority. I explain that, even though it does not appear in the financials, it is an underlying record and needs to be completed accurately. That's where I think I can offer extra value and insight. Clients proffer a lot of good feedback because you're making them aware of the various requirements which harks back to auditing the past, and improving the future".

"The unique sector of organisations that require assurance and audit services are the backbone of our community and Collins Hume have always supported the community in this way."

The good news is that Antje keeps check on her sanity as closely as she does her clients, "I operate in three spaces â€" family, work and a third space for competing in marathons and triathlons. Every morning I'm out there, doing something. It's amazing how many problems of the world you can solve during a run at 5 am in the morning when no one else is around! As a keen member of Ballina Triathlon Club Antje wholly recommends it, "You should 'tri' it sometime â€" believe me, it changes your world."

If your organisation requires auditing for compliance and regulatory purposes, or for any other assurance service, you can reach Antje Moore at Collins Hume on 02 6686 3000.

Certificate of Registration as an Auditor under the Corporations Act 2001 Subsection 1280 (5) Registered Number 434625.