Peter Fowler MBA, CPA, B Acc, SSA, JP, SAFin
Work / life balance advocate and Collins Hume Partner Peter Fowler on life, loves and business

For local CPA Peter Fowler, it all started with having a father as a mathematics teacher who instilled his love of numbers. Peter is Northern Rivers through and through having grown up in Alstonville and established himself as a partner at Collins Hume in Ballina in 2005 at the age of 26.

But Peter does not stop at his flair for numbers. He has turned it into a successful career by positively impacting people's lives financially whilst enabling them to create wealth and have a better lifestyle, which really is where his true passion lies.

"I wouldn't say I'm influenced by one particular individual, Peter says. "I look for great attributes in everyone and try to incorporate the best into my own life and advice I provide. I read a lot and often find inspiration in successful people, so endeavour to implement what has worked for them into my own style."

University life at Southern Cross University also imbued an appreciation for hard work. Peter completed his Accounting degree in 2001 and later completed his MBA in 2014, "It's pretty simple; I like the area and the lifestyle I have and didn't want to leave," he says. It was an opportunity to practically apply new learning to his business clients who range from doctors and solicitors, to farmers and fishermen, from local to international enterprises.

Peter enjoys the diversity of industry and the interaction with each client, "I really get my inspiration from constructive feedback from the people I deal with. This drives me to learn and tackle new ideas that will positively impact them. I love that I can change lives through the advice I provide." 

My approach is to see the greater business picture and then work out long-term strategies to achieve goals. Although my perspective does not always follow a traditional path; I look at issues from all angles in order to develop the best solutions."

Peter is a champion of work / life balance and makes sure that his clients don't overlook it in their businesses, "I'm a great believer in working hard, working smart and keeping it in perspective. I encourage my clients to take their lifestyle as seriously as they take their business. I tend to work with business owners who share a healthy philosophy towards their work and their lifestyle."

"I certainly love the beach and water so most of my downtime is spent surfing, paddle boarding or taking our dogs for a walk. I find the ocean peaceful and calming; no matter how tough your day has been it always seems to soothe the soul. I'm also a social creature so I do like spending quality time with my wife, family and friends."

Peter is only one of a dozen accountants twice recognised nationally as one of CPA Australia's top 40 Young Business Leaders, "My inclusion in the top 40 Young Business Leaders list in 2012 and 2013 is a shining example of the high standard of professionalism and thought leadership Collins Hume offers business owners."

"I couldn't have achieved this accolade without the support of our great team which is a reflection of their commitment to assisting our clients to achieve their business goals."

On the job; Peter enjoys downtime between sessions at Collins Hume's Surf the Wave to Success conference

As for the overall game plan, Peter is happy helping others, "Certainly planning is very important and one thing I've learnt is that you always need to set goals for yourself. Without goals you will have nothing to gauge your achievement nor have anything to strive for and make yourself a better person."

To speak with Peter Fowler about your business aspirations or just getting the work/life balance right, phone Collins Hume on 02 6686 3000 or click here to read Peter's professional profile on the Collins Hume website.
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