REINVENT Playing a Bigger Game event

Collins Hume proudly present event that goes deeper to reinvent business

eventAustralian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chief Executive James Pearson recently stated that almost 60% of small business owners in this country are paid $50,000 or less. Collins Hume's gut feeling from working with small business owners suggests the statistic is about right.

It is not uncommon for business owners to think they are doing better than they would on salary. The upside of owning and running a business is having freedom, which often comes with potential remunerative cost to the owner and wider family.

It doesn't have to be that way

On 15 March an event like no other in the region will take place that changes the way business owners think about their businesses and their lives.  Read more…

REINVENT Playing a Bigger Game 15 Mar

Collins Hume want you to experience something great

We are bringing 4 times TEDx speaker Paul Dunn back to Ballina for another unique business-building event and we want you to come along.

REINVENT Playing a Bigger GamePaul is an internationally renowned presenter and successful entrepreneur so, to have him in Ballina again to present to our business community, is something we are greatly excited about.

People who've seen Paul live rave about him and rate him as one of the best speakers they've seen - that's why we have invited him to back Ballina!

The brilliance in this event (live on Thursday 15 March) is that Paul gives you insight after insight after insight to build your business in the most interesting of ways.

They are the tiny yet POWERFUL ideas that seriously make a difference to your business. Almost all of the insights are zero-cost-to-implement ideas for you to apply. And you'll see the difference instantly too.

So… here's the great part, you can get to experience Paul Dunn live. All you need do is follow the link to book:

When you click, you'll get all the information you need PLUS you'll see the special ticketing options displayed. Just key in the number of tickets you'd like, complete the details and you're done.  Read more…

REINVENT Playing a Bigger Game 15 March

Event a mammoth coup for every business in our region
Save the date for REINVENT Playing a Bigger Game on 15 March 2018

REINVENT Playing a Bigger GameCollins Hume have arranged for one of the world's leading business thinkers and speakers, Paul Dunn, to present a stunning two-part business-building event in Ballina on 15 March.

Paul will touch down from his worldwide headquarters in Singapore to present live what he calls 'REINVENT: Playing a Bigger Game'. 

Stacked full of new insights for you and your business.
Paul has presented as a TEDx speaker on multiple occasions, so when he comes to town for a unique event, we need to let everyone know about it.

Many people experienced Paul's Unleash the Power of Small in Ballina last year and never resonated so much with a speaker before. On top of that, Paul has a gift for helping business owners take their businesses to new heights. And he helps them embed new meaning and purpose into their businesses that's fast-paced and very different.  Read more…

Unleash the Huge Power of Small 25 May

Better than ever next week!
In just over a week, there'll be a host of Northern Rivers business owners who will have just experienced one of the best mornings of their lives.

If you have already grabbed your ticket(s) for Unleash the Huge Power of Small next Thursday, then no need to read further – we look forward to seeing you at Ballina RSL.

We want you to get up close and personal for four no-nonsense hours with Paul Dunn. He is one the world's best business speakers and we're flying him in from his Singapore headquarters for this world-class event.

Paul has positively impacted the lives of tens of thousands of business owners around the world and is sure to impact your life and the lives of those around you.  Read more…

Unleash The Power of Small

Unleash – The Power of Small
On 25 May a business event like no other in the region will be taking place. 

Collins Hume are flying in 4 times TedX speaker Paul Dunn from his world headquarters in Singapore to Ballina for a one off, 4-hour business building session.

Paul is regarded by those 'in the know' as one of the most extraordinary presenters in the world. The way he engages the audience and instils energy into them is very, very special. On top of that, Paul's subject knowledge, and his ability to communicate it, is amazing.

Peter Fowler, Partner at Collins Hume, said, "It is a serious coup for us to have Paul in Ballina. People who get to experience him will be deeply impacted and remember it for life, that is for sure. Being a 4-times TedX speaker you can be assured the presentation that Paul will give to our audience in Ballina will be nothing short of spectacular."  Read more…
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