Business Performance and Optimisation

Unleash the Beast ... in your business

As Australian small businesses enter 2012, they do so against a backdrop of uncertainty. Factors contributing to this sense of unease include the European debt crisis, the looming (and as most commentators are saying inevitable) GFC2, and the announcement of Australia's weakest employment growth in two decades.

There is no doubt that budgets are tight. And it appears that the market uncertainty that is killing consumer confidence is set to continue for a long time to come and businesses will be hit harder than ever.

The message for business owners remains the same though: those who continue to seek expert advice and invest in periods of downturn are the ones more likely to reap the benefits when consumer confidence improves.  And making the right choices is an enormous part of making it through this period of uncertainty. Read more…

New Year planning for your business

Ready. Aim. Firing in 2012!

Conducting a sense-check of your business in Quarter 3 is a prime time to make any necessary changes.  It is an especially good time to review the cash flow requirements of your business so that you can take that into account when it comes around to interim accounts preparation in a few month' time. Read more…

Giving FEEDback

Shikshan Gram’s thanks say Collins Hume is making a difference

With the dawn of 2012 seeing Collins Hume exceeding 100,000 giving activities, we are thrilled to receive some feedback about how our contribution helps one of our recipients.  For the latest summary of our giving impact, please visit our Giving Back page on our website.  For now, please enjoy reading the letter from Shikshan Gram Shelter for Homeless Children: Read more…

"I was galloping on a crystal horse, and then crashed into a brick wall.  My wife had to pick up all the splinters"

Succession planning, estate planning and risk insurance - why it's best to address them today for tomorrow's success

Retirement often seems like a distant speck on the horizon, let alone plans to hand over the business.  However, establishing a sound business succession plan is beneficial for most business owners and can be absolutely necessary for some. Read more…

Manage your super fund with confidence

Are tax bills and bad investment returns eroding your retirement savings?

It's true we are living longer.  And more than ever, you should be thinking and planning for retirement well in advance. However, this longer lead time means the journey can be fraught with investment decisions and tax liabilities that may not be properly considered.  Read more…