Clear that Northern Rivers business receptive to ideas

Struggle or Success 2013 boosts Northern Rivers business
On Wednesday 15 May Collins Hume held its second business performance and strategy event Struggle or Success 2013 at Ballina RSL.

The evening featured esteemed business speakers, and informative and entertaining presenters who were joined by Northern Rivers business owners and members of the business community.

The evening kicked off with a warm welcome from Collins Hume Partner Peter Fowler. Guest speaker Mark Holton explained why it is crucial to embrace strategy when running a business, highlighted by a financial health check and scenario planning case study with Collins Hume's profit optimisation software demonstrated by Business Advisory Manager Jamie Doyle.

Following the seminar, the audience was treated to light refreshments and an opportunity to pose questions to the guest speaker and Collins Hume team.

Guest presenter and veteran corporate speaker Mark Holton praised Collins Hume on the professionalism of Struggle or Success 2013, as someone who graces the business stage across Australia.

Peter Fowler said, "Given the resounding success of Struggle or Success for a second year in a row, it's clear that local business owners are receptive to ideas. We are lucky to be situated within a business community that takes initiatives onboard and enjoys the impact as a result."

"Struggle or Success was very much in line with how business owners in the Northern Rivers region think. However making the transition from theory to practice is often the most challenging part."

If you were unable to attend Struggle or Success 2013 at Ballina RSL for any reason, please contact Collins Hume on 02 6686 3000 to schedule a free precis run through of topics and how they might apply to your business.

Collins Hume's final event for this financial year - Super Smart - will be held on 17 June in Ballina. There is no fee to attend but you'll need to book. Places can be booked by phoning Collins Hume on 02 6686 3000 or email

Shine a light on strategy in your business by joining the discussion at SS Strategy 

Growing a successful design business that can compete?

The rigour of running a business often means that strategic planning takes a back seat
But to have a successful business you must plan ahead. The best way to do that is with a Strategic Business Review, starting with the questions, "Is this really the best way to get things done and how can we improve?"

Access to grant funding will be of considerable benefit to businesses wanting to grow and improve profits and business values. There are grants of up to $20,000 which will assist business planning, coaching and mentoring, performance monitoring, human resources, training, business efficiency, marketing and e-commerce practices just to name a few.

It is estimated that the total business grant market in Australia is in excess of $5 billion annually so why not check if you're eligible and have the government help fund your business growth?

Collins Hume are experts in this field and our services in the area of government grants include:
  • grant eligibility reviews 
  • ensuring your business is ready to apply for relevant grants
  • assistance with completing and submitting grant applications
  • liaising with government bodies with regard to the grant application and funding process
  • acting as a business 'concierge' service to ensure you have access to the best possible advice and service providers when utilising the grants
Here's how we helped one business Read more…

How effectively do you spend time to impact your business performance?

Everyone has 1,440 minutes per day!
Time is one of those things which cannot be expanded, however it can be better managed. 

Every one of us has 24 hours or 1,440 minutes per day.  Some business people are better managers of their time than others.  Business people need to allocate the number of hours per day that they are prepared to spend at work and then prioritise how they are going to spend that time.  
And Managers need to consider a lot of things when allocating time including technical and management issues.

How do you better manage your time?  Here are our suggestions: Read more…

Collins Hume is thrilled to be working again with Mark Holton - one of Australia's most respected presenters specialising in the business sector
Joining Collins Hume for Struggle or Success 2013 on 15 May at Ballina RSL, Mark Holton has delivered presentations to a range of audiences, and next Wednesday is lining up to draw a healthy crowd of Northern Rivers business owners.

Mark's ability to engage his audience, his passion for knowledge and his capacity to communicate business concepts in lay terms makes him a leader in his field.

Collins Hume's audience-goers are in for a treat. Mark is a lively and entertaining speaker who delivers a positive message backed up by his extensive business knowledge, anecdotes and his own unique sense of humour.

Despite the end-of-business-day timeslot for Struggle or Success 2013, Mark's engaging speaking style means that our audience will be kept alert and stimulated.

For over 30 years Mark has been involved in and around the public accounting profession of which Collins Hume is a part, and incorporates many real-life examples into his presentations. Struggle or Success 2013 is no exception, when Mark and the Collins Hume team will demonstrate the principals of business valuation, growth, profit improvement, sale and succession planning with a live business case study to translate the theory into how to.

When it comes to the business, it's unlikely you'll find a more knowledgeable speaker.

To read full event details click here. Then, to RSVP, simply click here to confirm attendee names for registration, printing and catering purposes. We look forward to having you join us.

Reserved your seat at Struggle or Success 15 May?

REMINDER to book your place at Collins Hume's free business event Struggle or Success 15 May  
You may have seen in our newsletter or social media pages that we are holding an exciting event for business owners on 15 May in Ballina which should not be missed.

As places are filling, here is a recap of what we'll be covering so you can consider if you'd like to join us. The event is free to attend and we will be discussing some great strategies on how businesses can improve their profitability and value.

An old Chinese proverb cautions, "If we don't change our direction, we're likely to end up where we're headed."

Tapping into expert advice to avoid business failure is now a recognised business strategy. The symptoms of struggle are often seen in cash flow issues, but the cause usually resides in unwillingness to seek help in business strategic planning. Too many business owners still do virtually no proper planning and fall short understanding their numbers.

At our free seminar 'Struggle or Success 2013' on Wednesday 15 May in Ballina, Collins Hume with guest speaker Mark Holton, will give you specific steps to take control of your business and enable it to reach its full potential:
  • Enabling strategy to play a key part in your business, to steer it back on course or to greater heights 
  • How Collins Hume adds thousands to business profitability and valuation with our processes 
  • Demonstrating business valuation, growth, profit improvement, sale and succession planning with a live business case study to translate the theory into how to 
  • Highlighting how government grant funding ties in so that 'switching on' strategy is a no brainer 
To read the full event details click here. Then, to RSVP, simply click here to confirm attendee names for registration, printing and catering purposes. We look forward to having you join us.
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