Manage your super fund with confidence

Are tax bills and bad investment returns eroding your retirement savings?

It's true we are living longer.  And more than ever, you should be thinking and planning for retirement well in advance. However, this longer lead time means the journey can be fraught with investment decisions and tax liabilities that may not be properly considered.  Read more…

A segment of the Tourism Industry now eligible for Enterprise Connect grants

The Australian government has announced that a sector of the Tourism Industry is now eligible to seek assistance from Enterprise Connect.  To be eligible, the Tourism sector must derive a significant portion of its turnover from tourist accommodation, tourist attractions, wineries, tour operations and travel agency services. Read more…

Collins Hume by client's side during business sale puts retirement planning end clearly in sight

Attractive opportunity to wrap up and sell the business suddenly made everything a priority, including retirement planning

Our client recently sold his business to a competitor who came along at the right time offering the right price.

We had been discussing negotiations back and forth for some time as is usually the case in these situations.  Our client owned their commercial premises but we recognised early on that there were also issues around accessing funds, Capital Gains Tax (CGT) and maximising super contributions.

As our client needed to start taking steps to retirement and the business sale negotiation was a tough, drawn out process, CGT, commercial property transfer and super were becoming secondary to getting the deal done.

Then the contract was signed. Read more…

The ups and downs of Christmas cash flow

The ups and downs of Christmas cash flow (and a gift from Collins Hume)

Christmas has a psychology of its own.  Christmas and gift giving (aka 'spending') stretches well beyond the designated dates.  For retailers, the sooner we're in the spirit the more likely it is that we'll spend on gifts and entertaining. Read more…

The importance of cash flow planning

If cash is king, make your cash flow planning keen

Project. Forecast. Finger in the wind or a crystal ball approach? Call it what you will. Any accountant or business adviser can tell you why you need to prepare a cash flow projection.

At Collins Hume we understand the practicalities of running a business. We see firsthand not only the frustration but the outcome of neither using nor preparing a comprehensive cash flow forecast. Read more…