Fringe Benefits Tax 2012

Do you provide a motor vehicle for use by your directors and / or employees?  Or do you provide other non-cash benefits?

The Fringe Benefits Tax year ends on 31 March which means, for Collins Hume clients, you'll be receiving your annual Fringe Benefits Tax Questionnaire. Meantime take some time to consider our checklist below with some tips if you either provide or are thinking about providing motor vehicle fringe benefits: Read more…

Struggle or Success with Mark Holton

With most of 2012 still ahead it is time to evaluate your business plans and goals to ensure you're on track!

Mark HoltonBenchmarking is an astute tool in the search for excellence - taking the absolute best standard and trying to surpass it. Few businesses are likely to succeed unless they are willing to do just that.

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly report by Business Fitness states, "Everything familiar and secure is behind us...that which is in front of us is less so. Businesses wanting to stay profitable in the future will need to consider how they change their structure and nature."

Collins Hume provides you with all the steps, tools and tips to implement effective benchmarking in your business. By attending Struggle or Success you'll find out how to obtain credible and reliable benchmarking data to improve your business performance. Read more…

Struggle or Success in 2012

Know the financial impact of every business decision before you make it 
FREE business performance improvement seminar 28 March 2012

2012 promises to be another white knuckle ride for business owners - budgets are tight and market uncertainty fuelling consumer uncertainty will continue for a long time to come.

The message for business owners remains the same: those who to invest in periods of downturn are the ones more likely to benefit when normal service resumes. Using the right management information and making the right business choices is an enormous part of making it through period of uncertainty.

Optimise your business performance and grow despite this lingering financial crisis. Read more…

Peter Fowler on running a better business

Peter Fowler leads national industry conference on how to run better businesses

Peter Fowler was busy warming up his presentation pipes when he appeared as guest speaker at BStar's conference held in the Hunter Valley last weekend.

Peter spoke to the 70 assembled accountants on the topic of the firm of the future and how to operate a successful business.

This bodes wonderfully well for Northern Rivers businesses when Peter also presents at Collins Hume's business event Struggle or Success in 2012 on 28 March in Ballina. Read more…

Business Performance and Optimisation

Unleash the Beast ... in your business

As Australian small businesses enter 2012, they do so against a backdrop of uncertainty. Factors contributing to this sense of unease include the European debt crisis, the looming (and as most commentators are saying inevitable) GFC2, and the announcement of Australia's weakest employment growth in two decades.

There is no doubt that budgets are tight. And it appears that the market uncertainty that is killing consumer confidence is set to continue for a long time to come and businesses will be hit harder than ever.

The message for business owners remains the same though: those who continue to seek expert advice and invest in periods of downturn are the ones more likely to reap the benefits when consumer confidence improves.  And making the right choices is an enormous part of making it through this period of uncertainty. Read more…

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