Changing accountants stress free

Is your accountant doing you a disservice and costing you more money than they save you?
Changing your accountant may seem like an unnecessary stress you'd rather avoid, especially at this time of year.

Perhaps you justify staying with your current firm because you've always been with them. Or perhaps convince yourself that changing is too much hassle - even with an accountant who isn't providing the level of service and insight your business requires.

If your relationship is even somewhat lacking with your current accountant and you're at a loss knowing what direction your business will take this year, consider Collins Hume for your business, accounting and tax affairs. With over thirty years' experience, we are in tune with Northern Rivers business by providing a sharp focus on regional needs. Read more…

2013 Federal Election

The longest election campaign in Australia's history starts now
With the big news from Canberra of Julia Gillard announcing an election date of 14 September, what is the impact on business?

The challenge with elections, and particularly where there is a potential change, is that business slows down as the big end of town sits and waits to see the outcomes before committing to new initiatives.

With pre-election polls and sentiment being unreliable because people are not truly invested (no pun intended) in the outcome until the weeks leading up to the actual vote, we as business owners must sit tight until the dust settles.

Make sure your business is in good shape prior to the election - the timing now is right for Collins Hume's FREE Strategic Business Review in preparation for any uncertainty. Call us on 02 6686 3000 to arrange yours.

2013 The Year Ahead

A little crystal ball gazing and our look at what 2013 holds for business

No age limit for super contributions
From 1 July 2013, the upper age limit for superannuation contributions will be abolished. Employers will be required to contribute to the complying super funds of eligible mature age employees aged 70 and older.

Payslip reporting of super payments
From 1 July 2013, employers will need to provide additional information about superannuation contributions on an employee's payslip. Employers will need to report the amount and expected date of contributions they are making.

Living away from home Read more…

Free Strategic Business Review

New Year resolutions - do you pay lip service or take your business to task?
Did you, like many, resolve to do any number of things? If not, now is the time to be ready to grasp the opportunities coming your way as confidence slowly returns to the business sector

The pressures of New Year business issues (typically managing cash flow and juggling staff leave at this time of year) can often mean strategic planning takes a back seat.

If you're operating a small to medium business, or trying to get a new venture up and running, things might not quite be going your way, so it's not uncommon to feel a number of things like being overwhelmed, stressed or even conflicted.

With Dun and Bradstreet predicting a rise in business failure rates* and more businesses bankruptcies in 2013 yet to come, how can you safeguard your enterprise to be ready when full confidence returns?

To have a successful business you must plan ahead now - and the best way to do that is with our Strategic Business Review. Read more…

Safeguarding Your Intellectual Property

Unfortunately, intellectual property theft is growing

And Australia is not exempt. Intellectual property theft can be quite expensive for your business.  Intellectual property that can be considered as being very valuable includes:

  • customer and client lists
  • pricing lists
  • details of how prices are calculated for various important customers
  • contract lists
  • trade secrets
  • products under development in your research & development section and other similar items.

The key risk area is when an employee has indicated that they wish to leave your employment.  Unfortunately, some employees believe that they can enhance their value to a new employer or kick start their own business by stealing key intellectual property from your business.  This can be done by emailing documentation to their home email address, downloading it onto a memory stick or photocopying it and removing as a hard copy.  In considering your risk strategies it's a good idea to develop policies of limiting access to certain documentation to any employee who has resigned so as to remove the temptation to illegally obtain copies of your business' intellectual property.

If you have any concerns in relation to intellectual property being stolen from your business, we recommend that you contact your legal adviser.  If you'd like to discuss with us a risk management strategy for the protection of intellectual property within your business, please contact us on 02 6686 3000.

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