SHANE BARTRIM My brilliant career

Business Strategist and Partner, Shane Bartrim, looks back and forward as he marks 10 years with Collins Hume
My first job was working and studying to be an accountant. Looking back, I see how much our profession has progressed. 

The associated advances in technology have turned the corner to the extent that fundamentals drummed into us as trainee accountants remain at the core, but don't necessarily sit at the forefront, of our advice today.

Today's business environment is ruled by regulation, which can often quash our inner entrepreneur. We worry that we're compliant, we don't want the ATO breathing down our necks and every government agency wants its pound of flesh. Building a successful business involves hard work and risk!

Regulation doesn't go away, and the needs and expectations of business owners are as prevalent as ever.  Yes, it is risky owning a business, but who better than your accountant to use as a sounding board?  Great business advice is incredibly powerful and valuable.  At Collins Hume we look to partner with our clients to provide strategic guidance where it is most needed.

So what do we see on the horizon for FY2015?  Read more…

Clare-ly a mistress of client service

Extra support when you need it in FY15
Switching from hotel management in the UK to public accounting in Australia might not be a leap many would take, but Collins Hume's Clare Russell has done it with alacrity.

In fact, she has been a presence across a number of different roles for the past 11 years after she first joined Collins Hume in 2003.

Between nailing the new job and juggling a young family, in 2009 Clare (pictured far right) eventually worked her way into a Client Services Administration role where she now manages the firm's job flow.

"I constantly liaise with the partners, accountants and Collins Hume clients to keep everything running smoothly by allocating work, managing job progress, chasing queries and following up when necessary," says Clare. "We're proactive about keeping on top of things, especially when it comes to quarterly BAS time."

The key is education, which Collins Hume is doing one client at a time.  Read more…

Building partnerships, guiding strategy well within this Business Manager's remit

When a neurosurgeon once told David Keith to put down his tools or face life in a wheelchair, he didn't take the news lying down
In fact, David carted himself off to university as a mature age student and nailed a double major in accounting and information systems!

It wasn't long after when David was in transition from university to next career move when he filled up Peter Fowler's car at a servo in Alstonville and, as they say, the rest is history. Ten years later, he's keeping the wheels of commerce well-oiled at Collins Hume.

His role as Business Manager is hugely varied and keeps David extremely busy. In a nutshell, he keeps Collins Hume's system ticking over smoothly so the team can get on with what they do well – looking after clients.

To say David has a diverse portfolio is an understatement. On a daily basis he tends the firm's human resources, IT and some accounting, but realistically has a hand in most things including website management, CRM, Nimbus portal, managing content providers, software updates, event coordination, Collins Hume's practice management system and all the other software they use.

David is also Collins Hume's privacy officer and is committed to the Privacy Act and the Australian Privacy Principles which are contained in the Act. This commitment ensures that any personal information held by Collins Hume is kept absolutely confidential at all times. It gives everyone peace of mind that both the firm's and clients' sensitive data is in safe hands and protected from risk.

Two years ago David completed his Training and Assessment formal certification. He also has an extensive dossier of real-world experience, having been a dairy farmer, merchant seaman and a carpenter. He moved to the Northern Rivers in the 1970s and, apart from a short stint in Canberra in the 1980's, has called the area home ever since.  Read more…

Probably wise to stay out of the red with this Robyn

Widely travelled Robyn Johnston joined Collins Hume in 2000 when she came on-board as an Accounts and Trust Account Manager

Day to day Robyn runs things like the firm's billings, debtors and banking...

...and then turns her hand to all the things that make trust accounts tick over - from processing the accounts to monthly reporting to preparing for annual audits. Collins Hume's partners rely on Robyn's accurate, safe pair of hands; she is a perfectionist so her work is always a pleasure to the extent that she has commendations from the external auditors.

"The accounts department is the engine of any business," says Robyn. "Nothing has stood still at Collins Hume. We have streamlined a lot of things over the past 14 years."  Read more…

What makes Chris tick and how does that translate to running a business?

Chris Atkinson B Bus, CPA
He will be too busy to say, and definitely too modest, but Collins Hume Partner and CPA Christopher Atkinson recently completed his fifth 8-hour adventure race this year, on top of the well-known Tough Mudder!

What makes Chris tick when it comes to his own physical performance, and how might that translate to running a successful business?

"My interest evolved over many years, starting with hiking which led to 24-hour hiking, Kokoda challenges and ultimately the Kokoda Track," says Chris. "Then I found myself asking 'what's next' which is when I met a few like-minded locals and jumped into adventure racing."

Chris is relatively new to the sport. He only started training 12 months ago and this is his first season of competing.

"I had a good base physically and do plenty of rigorous preparation leading up to each event - kayaking, mountain biking and running regularly. My last three events have been 8-hour versions so endurance requires more training so I don't seize up on the day."

Back in the office, Chris' own prep and planning very much applies to how he approaches working with business owners. Read more…
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