Update with Collins Hume Partner and SMSF Specialist Shane Bartrim

Today's business environment is ruled by regulation, which can often dampen our inner entrepreneur.

shane bartimWe worry that we're compliant, we don't want the ATO breathing down our necks and every agency wants their pound of flesh.

But building a successful business involves hard work and risk, with time needing to be set aside to focus on the business itself.

Shane knows firsthand how solid business advice can be an incredibly powerful and valuable tool.

During over 20 years in business services, Shane has enjoyed working with many businesses to improve their performance – from fine-tuning operations, trend analysis and benchmarking to being more profitable and, ultimately, growing the value of their business. 

With that, Shane is also a self-managed superannuation specialist, believing that a SMSF will often form part of the group structure for a successful business owner.

"I work with business owners who are very well-grounded," says Shane. "They usually have great businesses and know how things should work, but they don't always have the resources to get everything right, which is where Collins Hume comes in."

"Working on ways to improve the bottom line subsequently enhances business value and puts business owners in an improved position for the future."

Asset protection is also critical to consider as part of your business plan.

"Structuring your affairs properly from the start can help better protect your family assets, and save you money in the long run."

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