A Manager has to gain the respect of those being led

Good leadership is needed in every type of business. Where do you start in understanding leadership?

collins hume team ballinaFirstly, distinguishing between management and leadership. They're both different, but interdependent and must be closely related to be fully effective.

Management is essentially about the establishment of organisations, structures, processes and procedures including: 

  • staffing
  • management of costs
  • implementation of ideas
  • team training

Leadership is about creating the environment in which people work willingly together to achieve commonly agreed ideas and goals.

Leadership skills are required in every segment of the business – not just at the board of directors or senior management positions but throughout the organisation. Very few people are "born leaders" – most people need to develop their leadership skills by training and real-life experiences.

The key components of developing your leadership skills are centred on an understanding of:

  • teams and teamwork – an understanding of what is fundamental to good leadership
  • coaching and counselling of members of the team
  • solving problems in making decisions
  • morale of the team for which the leader is responsible
  • motivation of the team – developing ideas/strategies and "selling" these ideas and strategies to the team
  • developing relationships – so that the leader has an understanding of the "challenges" that the team member is facing
  • trust and delegation – leaders cannot do it all themselves – they have to inspire the team to go forth and implement – this is delegation.

A world-renowned leadership writer, Professor John Adair said, "It is easy to be appointed to a senior management position, but that appointment is not recognised until the manager has gained the respect and support of those being led".

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