Collins Hume announce new giving 'BHAG'

'BHAG' stands for Big Hairy Audacious Goal – essentially a long-term goal that changes the very nature of a business' existence – and we're excited to announce a BHAG of our own.

researchCommunity contribution is core to our vision at Collins Hume, which is to strive to do our very best and to be generous with charities by supporting our local and broader community. 

Because of our strong community connections, we take our social responsibility very seriously and pride ourselves on the passion and spirit with which we approach our giving. 

Following the amazing efforts of our team, clients and wider community and two standout events in 2017 and 2018 we were able to generate some major charity for local and global causes, so we've decided to up the ante. 

In July, we were on track to smash our previous goal of 10 million giving impacts in 2018, so where do we go from there?

Our new goal is to create 25 million giving impacts by 2025!
One of the most exciting outcomes is that by setting this goal, more local charities will benefit. We'll start by adding Ballina Netball Association to our list of beneficiaries, with more to follow.

"At Collins Hume we're on a mission to create 25 million impacts on our world by 2025," says Giving Coordinator David Keith. "We think of it as 25 million smiles – it could be planting more trees, giving children in need access to education or literally hundreds of other donations through our partnership with B1G1."

Our Giving Impact on our website will keep track of our progress with live widget updates. Whilst we have some way to go with this new target, we are super excited about reaching it, which will fundamentally change the very nature of Collins Hume as a business!

Our new giving BHAG also aligns perfectly with the core purpose of our business: to achieve extraordinary results, build stronger communities, change lives and create a better world.

You can help too. 

If you decide to work with us, use one of our services or attend one of our events we will give a contribution, on your behalf, to one of our giving projects. Every time you do business with us, we give. For example by simply lodging a tax return with Collins Hume we will provide a child in Africa with life-saving clean water for life. It's an easy way to get involved.

As accountants we have the ability to change lives on a daily basis. Not only by helping our clients with the advice we provide, but also by giving to people who are less fortunate than us. At Collins Hume we're here to change lives and we hope you'll join us on this wonderful journey.

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