It's Giving Tuesday

Collins Hume has just helped B1G1 pass 165 million impacts and go so close to 166 million.

Doing so pushed our combined impacts close to 11.5 million, achieved through the giving by Collins Hume as well as our team members:

And best of all, our extra giving on Giving Tuesday has pushed Collins Hume's personal impacts over the 10 million mark! That's 10 million lives we've changed around the world!

Being a profitable business with purpose
When Collins Hume began in 1980 our mission was simple – deliver the best value tax service in Ballina – but the world has changed and so have we. Today, our overriding purpose is to inspire business owners to achieve business and lifestyle success in powerful and meaningful ways.

By regularly giving back to our community, our team enjoys being able to choose the causes we support. By using our services, our clients secondarily support the causes we support. It gives us a greater purpose knowing that when we turn up for work we are not only helping our clients, but also others in need. For Collins Hume, having that greater purpose is the reasoning behind our social and community service program. 

Purpose is more than a popular buzzword or another 'P' in our corporate cap. It's a way of doing business that not only influences positive societal change but also drives economic stimulus.

To find out more about how Collins Hume gives back, visit Our Giving Impact.

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