Is it worth 1 minute to assess your level of business risk?

One minute | Ten easy questions

business risk surveyAt Collins Hume, we have developed a Business Risk Survey that is sure to be eye-opening for any business owner. 

It only takes a minute to complete but is of enormous benefit if you have concerns about your business that keep you awake at night.

In designing our Business Risk Survey, we urge business owners to do a pulse check on how you're feeling about how your business is tracking, to see if there are any concerns or opportunities that you're not getting to discuss because you're immersed in running your business day-to-day.

 Most importantly we've kept the questions brief:

  • It can help to identify some risks or issues with your business;
  • Only takes one minute;
  • There is no outlay for Collins Hume clients to complete the initial survey.

Our survey allows you to quickly assess key risks and value drivers in your business. There are only 10 questions in the survey which take about a minute to complete AND IT'S FREE.

Business Risk Survey

Once you have completed your survey you will receive our personalised Business Risk Scorecard.

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