Collins Hume's Conscious Business Hive

Collins Hume Accountants & Business Advisers have become the first NSW accounting firm to publicly commit to making our world an even better place.

Collins Hume hiveAlready, through Membership of the Global Business Giving initiative, Collins Hume has made an astonishing 12 million Giving Impacts locally and globally. 

Now they are committed to going even further by being the first accountants in NSW to establish a 'Conscious Business Hive'.

"It's very clear to us that conscious, purposeful businesses are not just the way of the future; they will become the only way to be in business," explained Collins Hume Partner Peter Fowler

"A recent Harvard Business Review article stated that purpose-driven companies have better engaged employees, more loyal customers and are better at innovation and transformational change."

"Our new Conscious Business Hive is our place to make that the reality for more and more businesses, their owners, their teams and their customers."

"Many of our existing clients are already automatically joined to our Hive. They take part in regular meetings both online and face-to-face where we bring Conscious

Sustainable Development GoalsBusiness experts from around the world to the Northern Rivers and share best practices to build businesses that are not just great to deal with, but actually making a real difference as well."

"And of course, we'll be asking our wider community to join us too!" 

Central Collins Hume's new Conscious Business Hive is the underpinning of the Sustainable Development Goals. These are 17 key targets that we as the human race must achieve by 2030. Collins Hume regard them as not just a pathway for business but also a pathway for humanity.

B1G1 Chairman, Paul Dunn, is thrilled about Collins Hume's Conscious Business Hive.
"What's really great is how Collins Hume will be involving the entire community in the initiative. Both new and existing clients of the firm will be able to get a new sense of purpose and connection, helping them differentiate themselves in their markets as well." 

"Collins Hume really is setting a superb example of what it means to become a Business for Good."

Read more about Sustainable Development Goals at Our Giving Impact. Watch Collins Hume's Conscious Business Hive growing at

For any enquiries about joining Collins Hume's Conscious Business Hive, please contact Hive Manager David Keith at or phone 02 6686 3000.

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