How planting trees triple offsets driving carbon emissions

During National Recycling Week, Business Manager and Giving Coordinator David Keith talked about triple offsetting driving carbon emissions by planting trees.

tree plantingTriple Offset means you pay for you and two other people's carbon emissions, so you're not driving neutral, you're driving positive; climate positive. You're essentially saving the world more while driving about.

A friend of Collins Hume, Tim Wade, has in fact done all the hard work for us and calculated what it takes to triple offset our driving carbon emissions.

B1G1 Lifetime Partner, Tim, is a motivational speaker based in Singapore who presents at global conferences, conventions and corporate events about leading change and motivating positive results. He is also as committed as Collins Hume to helping achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

"Peter Fowler and I were chatting about calculating a triple offset for carbon emissions from driving," said Tim. "We started asking how many trees we should plant to offset 10,000 km of driving."

"But because vehicles consume at different rates, we simply need to choose the single common denominator. In this case, it's offsetting by fuel volume purchased."

Tim has written an article which includes what he calls 'easification elements' to simplify the maths into trees-per-tank:

"When I fill up my car with fuel, to triple offset my CO2 emissions I plant eight fruit producing tress to help restore the environment," says David. "That costs me US$3.20 or about AUD$4.50."

Wait, how do I plant a bunch of trees?
Easy. Buy some saplings at a nursery and plant them on your land. Commitment: apart from the first time, it's unlikely that you'll outlay time, money and resources to repeat the exercise every time you stop for fuel.


Join and donate to a worthy cause that plants trees via the B1G1 member platform. There are causes do this starting from USD$0.40 per tree. Each tree produces fruit so families have vested interests in keeping their trees alive and can earn income from the fruit produced while the growing plant sequesters carbon from the atmosphere. 

Cost: Well under $1.50 per litre to fill a fuel tank. As a B1G1 member, 100% of your giving goes to the worthy cause. USD$0.40 per tree and planting 8 trees per tank for a normal car adds just US$3.20 to your cost of a full tank of fuel. Commitment: under two minutes once you're set up as a B1G1 member.

Please get on board – it costs very little to help save the planet.
For B1G1 queries and member set up, contact David Keith at Visit Tim's website to read about other carbon offset ideas at

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