There is a harsh reality to being an entrepreneur in 2020

The top 20% of businesses in any industry control 80% of the revenue.

Key Person of Influence WorkshopWhich means the bottom 80% are left fighting over the scraps.

Most business owners compete on price, trade their time for money, and struggle to achieve the freedom and success they deserve. They are stressed, constantly busy, and feel stuck. This is what business feels like for those in the bottom 80%.

And it boils down to one thing - Influence.

The less influence you have in business, the tougher it is!

On that note, we'd like to share an exciting announcement…
Collins Hume has just recently partnered with Dent Global, which is one of Australia's fastest growing businesses that specialise in strategy and technology for entrepreneurial businesses.

We'd like to introduce you to a methodology that they use to help entrepreneurs build influence and transform their businesses, allowing them to move into the top 20% of their industry.

It's called the Key Person of Influence (KPI) methodology - a 5-step process that will help you stand out and scale up, so you can enjoy better growth, more money and holidays while running a less stressful business.

Our friend, Mike Clark, is the Queensland state leader of Key Person of Influence. He has worked with thousands of business owners, helping them to become the go-to people in their industry.

Mike is bringing the Key Person of Influence Workshop to Ballina on Thursday 27th February, from 9am-12:30pm.

Due to our close relationship with Dent, they have gifted us FREE tickets to this one-time-only event. All you need to do is go here to register for the workshop.

Bonus Gift

We have also twisted Mike's arm and organised a bonus gift for you:

The first 30 people to register within the next 7 days will also receive a FREE copy of the best-selling book, Become of Key Person of Influence.

The KPI Workshop is a 3-hour event that will introduce you to the 5 elements of influence - essential ingredients for standing out in your industry and scaling your business in the ever-evolving digital era that we live in.

Click below to register for your complimentary ticket.

Hope to see you there!