Better Business Program

If you are feeling uneasy about how your business is running, it's important to pinpoint the reasons and get help to fix them so you can focus on growing your business.


Collins Hume's Better Business Program is a flexible, informative and practical service designed to help business owners identify where the key risks and opportunities lie so strategies can be put in place to improve profitability and grow business value.


This program works because it assists business owners to obtain a better understanding of key business issues.


There are just three steps in our Better Business Program:


Step 1.    Completion of Risk and Value Driver Assessment

Step 2.    Attending Workshop to identify key risks, issues and opportunities

Step 3.    Compiling Business Plan to itemise strategies for improvement, action plan and timelines to address key issues, risks and opportunities


Board of Advice

In order to ensure that your Business Improvement Plan is properly executed and fully implemented, we offer a Board of Advice program that is designed to make sure your business derives the benefits of the program.


To find out more about our Board of Advice program click here.


First Steps

We take a comprehensive approach so we can identify and address any pressure points. To do this we look at your whole business, not just the financials:

  • You receive an online Risk and Value Driver Assessment (RAVDA) to complete.
  • We then schedule a suitable date, time and location for your workshop. You are encouraged to include other members of your team in this session.
  • Following completion of the workshop we provide you with a formal Business Improvement Plan.

Get the most out of your investment in your business. Enjoy higher profits with less stress and a healthy business that can change lives. Our Better Business Program will help you to achieve this and more.


To get started or just to make an initial enquiry, please call us on 02 6686 3000.


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