Growing small to medium business with grants

Identifying Government Grants to assist business owners

Collins Hume are award-winning grant funding specialists*. Find out why we care enough to identify grant funding opportunities for business owners:

  1. You pay your taxes, therefore, we believe you should have the opportunity to participate in the billions of dollars' worth of grants and incentives that are available from the Federal, State and Territory governments.
  2. We believe that grants assist in adding value to individual businesses, because grants normally introduce something new to assist the business' performance.
  3. Grants can help operators improve financial performance by receiving grants or incentives for which you might have a direct entitlement (e.g. Research and Development Rebate, Export Market Development Grant).
  4. Grants can assist individual businesses navigate financial difficulties following disasters. We can provide assistance with disaster grant applications that are applicable to primary producers and small businesses.
  5. Grants can assist business operators to work with a wider range of professionals, to improve your individual business operations to give you an insight on what other advisors can offer you, such as:
    • factory and workshop layout
    • farm management
    • lean management
    • workplace health and safety
    • marketing
    • sales
    • information technology
    • capital raising
  6. We pride ourselves on our established systems and procedures that enable us to service your needs in-house.


1. Keen mentoring eye helps cosmetic business to bloom
2. Brainstorming business options grants performing arts troupe ability to soar

* Awarded the CV Innovation Award for SME Grant Funding (Australia) in the Corporate Vision 2016 Small Business Awards.

Collins Hume's latest Grant Alert & Updates:

CASE IN POINT Collins Hume identified that one of our architect clients was eligible for a business improvement grant which enabled the firm to send along senior employees to an industry-specific workshop event. The funding was provided on the basis that the event was a business improvement seminar and staff attending for business improvement purposes was an allowable expenditure for the grant, therefore the grant provided 50% of the funding.

The director of the firm said, "The event came at a great time for us. With the downturn in the construction industry our turnover and profit was being hit hard, therefore it really enabled to us to concentrate on the keys aspects of our business and aligned our senior staff and managers with my overall goals. Since attending the meeting my team share my common goal and things are looking up."

Tap into your business potential

Collins Hume Accountants and Business Advisers offer a range of business planning resources which we can apply to your own circumstances. If you're a business owner making the most of the opportunities our unique locale brings, bear in mind that it's not just about business; it's about the quality time you put into your business working on it (not always in it) to get the most out of it.

Let us help you review your business and look at where you want your business to be in the next 3-5 years, exactly how you and your team can achieve these desired goals and objectives, with the help of government grant funding.

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