VCFO Program for small business

To help small business owners grow sales, improve performance and build a successful business, Collins Hume offers a unique Chief Financial Officer Program delivered virtually (VCFO).

What is a VCFO?

VCFO is an acronym for Virtual Chief Financial Officer. Essentially we become your on-call CFOs: an effective way for business owners to obtain expert financial support without the commitment of employing a full-time, in-house financial officer.

What services does a VCFO provide?

Collins Hume VCFOs offer the following:

Other speciality services

By regularly meeting, together we ensure you are accountable for implementing any changes and that Collins Hume acts as your sounding board so you can make fully informed financial decisions.

How can a Collins Hume VCFO help your business?

The goal of our Virtual Chief Financial Officer (VCFO) Program is to give small business owners the confidence to make changes in their business to not only survive but thrive.

We charge business owners a fixed monthly fee for our CFO Program to spread the cost of this service over a 12-month period.

Download our flyer about Collins Hume's VCFO program.

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