Legal Profession

We know HOW you can maximise your fees and earnings

Knowing your ideal client, developing marketing and network referral plans, creating industry specialisation or niche market opportunities and offering structured incentives for staff to build there own client base are some of the ideas we have so you can focus on profitable fee growth.

Our research of the Legal Industry revealed an urgent need for our Law Partners to receive better, more proactive planning advice to ensure their future success. Law Partners WANT:

  • Strategies to plan their future direction.
  • Solutions to grow their business.
  • A succession plan that reduce key partner dependency, transitions value fairly and maximises capital for exiting partners.

Is this your business?

Does your current business SWOT Analysis look like this (click here)?

We provide our Law Partners with clear solutions that counter existing weaknesses and threats, bolster strengths and take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

We know your industry

Collins Hume is part of a national, independent, professional adviser network specialising in advising Law Partners on their practice direction, growth, performance, staff and succession.

We have undertaken comprehensive research on the Legal Industry and completed world class training to gain the highest level of Law professional adviser accreditation.

5 questions, 15 minutes!

To learn more about generating profitable fee growth and optimising your earnings and return on capital download our Law Partner Program Flyer.

We encourage you to take 15 minutes of your time to complete our FREE Law Partner Growth and Success Assessment with us.

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