Pharmacy Specialisation

We are committed to growing the Pharmacy sector.

A strong and vibrant independent Pharmacy sector is vital for our national economy, local businesses and family communities.

A recent study of businesses, including Pharmacists, revealed an urgent need for better, more proactive planning advice to ensure their future success. Pharmacists WANT:

  • Strategies to retain and motivate staff.
  • Solutions to grow their business value.
  • A succession plan that delivers retirement lifestyle benefits without selling.

Want to make MORE money from engaging your staff?

  • Successfully engaging your staff to generate more sales and profits is one way of protecting and growing your bottom line.
  • Rewards based on performance create a 'win win' for Pharmacists and their staff; the more money you make the more your staff can earn.
  • Our Staff Value Program is one of five Programs for you to protect and grow your business.

We know your industry

Collins Hume is part of an exclusive professional adviser network offering Pharmacists specialised, value based planning advice.We have undertaken comprehensive research on the Pharmacy industry and completed world class training to gain the highest level of Pharmacy professional adviser accreditation.

We want to ensure you achieve success 'in' and 'away' from your business.

Take action!

To learn more about motivating your staff, growing your business value and succession planning you can download some of our Pharmacy Program materials by clicking on the links below:

Want to make MORE money from engaging your staff?

Is your business at the top of the game?

Case study: SWOT analysis workshop.

We encourage you to take 15 minutes of your time to complete our FREE Pharmacy Growth and Succession Planning Assessment.

Click here to request an Assessment for your business.

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